Electrical products

The apartment has changed - many items have been added: The DVD player with HomeCinema, the surround sound system with more loudspeakers, the PC with internet access in the living and the bed room or the home office or just a few new lamps. However, one item is constant: the sockets, too few or often in the wrong place.

It is time to look for practical alternatives once countless extension cords and distributors are in your way and once the loudspeaker, telephone and data cables unite to a cable tangle.

Two system options are available for your choosing. In addition to the small, rounded design (SLE 500), a large, straight model (SLE 700) is offered for the covering of an extensive number of cables.


500er SLE

And the cable tangle is resolved: the electrical skirting board profile SLE 500 permits the covering of electrical wires and data cables. With its compact form and its bold roundings, the SLE 500 can be used in an ideal manner in all living and work areas.

700er SLE

The electrical skirting board profile SLE 700 offers even more space for the installation of cables. An even larger number of electrical wires and data cables can be covered by its straight form.


Our comprehensive accessories program for socket containers and for appropriate equipment inserts provide the option to install sockets and connections as required.

The plug connection system permits a fast, simple and error-free connection in a plug-and-play system.